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Originally from the UK but left in my late teens to live for many years in South Africa, the USA and now here in Australia.

I'm also one of those mad about animals people and spent 30 years of owning and showing Old English Sheepdogs, American Cocker Spaniels and Lhasa Apsos in that order! I have only hung up the dog show leash recently but I still take a very keen interest in dogs and what is happening in the showing world. I am never without my dogs and I'm owned by Millie who is a Norwich Terrier and Amy a Mini Smooth Dachshund.

I have always been a craft minded person and love working with my hands, always making something! I have a keen interest in art forms especially if it concerns animals and I have a moderate collection of sculpted wild bears.
Millie I started on the addictive road of bear making back in 1997 and I was influenced by some of the sculpted bears in my collection and a teddy bear magazine I had found in a store. At the time I was looking for something different to do and I thought 'I reckon I can do this', no practice runs for me straight in at the top with a pattern and a piece of mohair! With lots of misses and a few hits I progressed onto creating my own designs.

I am my own worse critic which sometimes gets me in to trouble with the bears, nevertheless, many of my creations have found their way around the world to many happy owners. Very close attention and care is paid to all my hand sewing and finishing of the bears and also any accessories which I may use. I love to work with colours and so I hand dye all of the mohair myself which goes into making my bears. I like to create vintage style bears with that worn out but much cared for look.
Amy Enjoy your time looking at my creations. If you would like to be informed of new and available bears for adoption then please do join my mailing list and let me know what you think.

Thank You.

Brimbin Forest Bears - Dtp-Aus 2006
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